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CCNA(200-301) Training - From Basic to Advance

Get most economical CCNA Training from CISCO Network Academy Recognized Expert with 100% Success

Overview of CCNA (200-301)

CISCO has merged all CCNA paths into one CCNA (200-301) in year 2020. Its the fastest growing networking career  that create million new job opportunities around the world. You can learn the configuration of small networks in this certification. The exam covers wide range of networking, security, automation, and program ability topics.

If you apply for IT job and you might have good IT skills. The interviewer do hiring decision base on limited information. If they see CCNA Certification in your CV than your chance of getting job is higher. Otherwise, they have an other option to reject you.


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Avg. CCNA Salary
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Growth Rate of Jobs
3 M
Jobs by 2020

Raise in Salary

Mentioning the CCNA Certification will cause the sudden salary appraisal up to 22% annually. 

Career Growth

CCNA Certification let you  climb up the ladder as compare of your teammates/applicants.

Enhance your Knowledge

Being CCNA certified your have more networking knowledge and in beginner level it help to

Why Choose Us?

Its not easy to get this widely recognized certification if not properly trained by CISCO Certified Trainer. Learn8Home is best institution for you when it comes to the training of CCNA (200-301) training. A platform which provides number of training modes (Class training, live sessions and recorded training). We provide practical environment for CCNA course in Rawalpindi where you can get hands on experience of hardware devices or access our hardware rack online.

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We provide training in multiple Languages

Trainer Profile

Shafqaat Mehmood is CISCO Master Trainer and Microsoft Certified Trainer having a diverse experience of over 20 years in Computer Hardware, Software and Networking Technologies which provide a powerful combination of analysis, implementation and trainings.

  • CISCO Certifications include CCNA(R&S),CCNA(Security), CCNA (Wireless), CCNA (Data Center), CCNA (CYBER OPS),CCNP (R&S) ,CCIE (Data Center).
  • Microsoft Certifications include MCSE,MCT,MCDBAand MCP.
  • Huawei Certifications include HCIA(R&S),HCIP(R&S) and HCIA(Sec)
  • Vmware Certifications include VCA & VCP in Data Center Virtualization and Network Virtualization.
  • Other Certifications include Security Firewall, Wimax & Comptia.



Choose the perfect plan

Keeping in view the convenience of our participants, we deliver training in various modes. Either you are living in Pakistan or anywhere around the world, you can enroll in our course and get the maximum out of it.

One-To-One Training


  • Online Training
  • Training Content (Slides & Notes)
  • Software & Lab Manual
  • Access to CISCO Netacad Portal
  • Exam Material
  • Access to Equipment
  • Exam Voucher (61% Discount)
  • Save US $200
  • Life Time Support

Class Training


  • Online Training
  • Training Content (Slides & Notes)
  • Software & Lab Manual
  • Access to CISCO Netacad Portal
  • Access to Equipment
  • Exam Voucher (61% Discount)
  • Save US $200
  • Life Time Support

Recorded Training


  • Recorded Videos (MP4 Format)
  • Training Content (Slides & Notes)
  • Software & Lab Manual
  • Access to CISCO Netacad Portal
  • Exam Material
  • Access to Equipment
  • Exam Voucher (61% Discount)
  • Save US $200
  • Life Time Support

Frequently asked questions

About CCNA

For CCNA(200-301), there is no per-requisite for Training and Certification. You can get CCNA Training before the age of 18.But you cannot attempt Certification Exam before at the age 18 because Certification exam require two ID’s National ID card and Office/Job card

  • Students interested IT-related career
  • Students of Bachelors Degree e.g Telecom Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering,
  • Professionals who want to enhance their career and get new skills
  • People who want to get International Certification
  • Anyone who want to get job in Pakistan or Abroad
  • IT companies employees who want to join CCNA training in Rawalpindi or attend CCNA training online at their door step.

IT System Engineer:

      • A bachelor’s or master’s degree in Computer Sciences is required
      • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)

Network System Administrator

        • Great at organizing, prioritizing and multitasking, Microsoft, Linux, Cisco, CCNA

IT Specialist

      • Industry certifications (MCSE)/(CCNA)

System administration (troubleshooting)

      • BSC Computer Science with MSCE, MCP, CCNA certifications will be preferred.

Network/system Assistant

      • CCNA and MCSA Certification given preference

IT Engineer

      • Certifications MCSE/MCITP, CCNA is an advantage


      • BS Computer plus Certifications like CCNA, CCNP and MSCE

IT HelpDesk Representative

      • CCNA & Microsoft Certification

Junior IT Administrator

      • Functional knowledge of Network protocols such as TCP/IP, DNS and DHCP

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CCNA Certification Exam Costs – $325
Discount on CCNA Certification Exam –  61.5%
After Discount Exam Fee – $125

To avail the CCNA EXAM discount voucher you must have to be registered in CISCO NETACAD Program through Learn8Home | EZXPRT (Authorized Cisco Networking Academy)

  • NETACAD program basically backed by CISCO and running all over the world through CISCO Networking Academies and authorized Trainers.
  • This programs are designed with lots of hands-on activities and that is one thing which attracts students to the program. Cisco Networking Academy is a global platform which can be used to inspire students and instructors to make their future brighter
    CISCO gives you the discount voucher after the completion of NetAcad with good marks.

CCNA (R&S) discount upto 61.5% while CCNA(Security) discount upto 58%.

As you got register in CISCO NETACAD program through EZXPRT , than you become the part of International community and got lot of benefits

  • CISCO evaluate your study through assignments and online test
  • 4 CISCO Certificates (after passing each Module Test)
  • Supporting letters from CISCO
  • You may use these Certificates for exemption of credit hours. In your bachelor and masters
  • 5% exam discount voucher
  • Free CISCO trainings (self paced) like IOT, Cyber Security etc.
  • Webinars
  • Connect with the Networking Community
  • Find the Jobs related to networking all over the world
  • Latest technology updates and many more

About Learn8Home Training

Students join either CCNA Online training or CCNA class training having 3 different methods to perform their Lab.

  1. Using packet tracer Software
  2. Using GNS Software
  3. Using Physical Hardware

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Yes, Online CCNA Training students can access physical devices. We provide 3 different methods for performing lab online.

  1. Access online Hardware Rack
  2. Can visit our nearest Campus Rawalpindi/ Lahore for lab or issue
  3. We can deliver Lab devices at your door step using the security money Rs:30,000/- after returning devices we can refund 80% amount to the student.

CCNA online training is providing through zoom software. Download software from zoom.us/download. Meeting Id and password will be providing before class.

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    • Student can ask question during the CCNA class training or CCNA online training with the help of raising their hand.
    • Trainer can clearly understand that question and provide complete answer. Student can ask question during next class or through call/sms.

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Our Certified Students